2). The Sensory And The Space House(1993) Rachel Whiteread

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The senses are the most primitive born instincts of humans. There are specialized sensory organs and sensory nerve distribution on the part of our body. It collects and accept external stimuli and operated according to All or None Principle, it is the first way of the organism to get the channel or information from the outside world. For humans, there are eye vision, hearing ear, mouth palate, nose, smell and other major organs and specialized in the distribution of tactile skin on their bodies. We contacted every minute of the outside world through the senses, we continue to generate reflections, awareness, feelings and memories through the senses. At the same time It is an uninterrupted ...view middle of the document...

Because we are living in the city with goals or purpose, just like from A place to B place for everyday, as we do it everyday, you will begin to be numb, your sense will be numb unlike as the first time you go to a place. Our senses just get focused on the things we are concerned about . You would not think too much before you complete your work or daily duties. Meanwhile, the city is the place of a complete and functional goals . Living in such a system , it is easy to turn numb , naturally turned to reduce reflection and no critical thinking with all the things around us . A city like Hong Kong , it is saturated capitalist city , filled with consumer products around us , the fact that our visual feel numb. “French urban theorist Lefebvre believes in the capitalist system, the space is a useful track was created along the capitalist system of product development, the city is running in the space of production and reproduction of the capitalist system, the internal process of the organization structure is conducive to the capitalists, such as the vital interests of the city's architectural space and land use. Lefebvre made ​​"spatial representation" refers to the symbolic meaning or cultural significance of buildings in a particular social space....

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