6 Steps How To Write Your First Article

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If you know how to serve your meal, or if you know how to prepare your barbeques? you need to jot down a recipe or asking someone in your family about instructions, some of you will memorize it or perhaps write it down on your note.

If you have ever made dot point of your recipe and shared what you do it yourself instructions with your friend, it means you already see the basic structure how to writing. How-to show the reader and could be submitted to an editor with a simple cover letter.

A how-to means as a sequence, first you do this and then you do this. The all important question the writer asks herself when writing a how-to is, "What happens next?" It is like if you are to start on a ...view middle of the document...

But it's ok you can list down the questions anyway, you'll find out the answer in the next step.

3. Research
In this part you'll have inquiries of your article in fact. Good points to include with your how-to are for instance: definition, examples or quotes from popular books on the subject, data statistics, references to local or international media or maybe online media, helpful tools and many things that support your article.

Pile up everything you've collected and put it in a folder, a notebook, an electronic document, a gadget or whatever you like. Notice them all of your sources and don't forget, if you are later asked by an editor to verify them. You may classify so that will be easier to use it later or sprinkle your research in right when you want it. It's a lot like home decorating, you can add anything until you feel you have it "just right".

4. Tighten up your draft
In this step you try to keep your reader in mind, write everything that find your article the new information you've collected. Often what you've known in earlier steps may give you to start over with a completely fresh draft. Now, you may to cut and revise what you have as you do, reclassify a nice conversational part by directly turning to your reader.

This time, you strive to read your draft with the questioning look, is it working? Is it too wide, unclear, uninteresting, or unimportant? If so, find out your favorite publications for how-to articles....

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