A Comparison Of Two Masterpieces From Salvador Dali

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Many of us visit art galleries and wonder what an artist is trying to tell us with his paintings or sculptures. It's never easy to interpret a piece of art as everyone sees it from their own perspective. Many of the master pieces of Salvador Dali have been replicated and volumes have been written about his artwork. Two of those will be compared and analyzed in this essay ; "Apparition of Face and Fruit- dish on a Beach" and "The Persistence of Memory". One is about the inseparable fate of humanity from nature the other is about memories that we create at every step and that come back to us and keep haunting us.
There are both similarities and differences in these masterpieces.
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In the background you see all the junk left behind from machines, the daily garbage we produce and throw on the beaches. The two are features indivisible in his presentation and the viewer understands the message immediately. Our collective life on earth is a journey, we need to be grateful for all the fruits that life and nature bestows on us and we need to appreciate all the resources that nature has provided while taking good care of it.
Both paintings are excellent examples of surrealistic art and present an era where artists are trying to make sense of our crazy world, by going above and beyond the meaning of symbols and giving freedom to their imagination.
Finally both paintings are masterpieces, where symbolism plays a huger ole in conveying the message of the artist. In the first one the melted clocks so beautifully depict the nature of faded memories still hanging here and there, the old and ugly table so accurately presents that block in one's life that we try to get rid of but often can't. In the other, the immaculate face of the woman rising from the white sands and beaches captures the meaning of life, creation and beauty and the dirty left overs and broken or rotten pieces of stuff the junk we create and leave behind in our journey of life.
In terms of differences, the...

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