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A Fingerprint Privacy Protection Schemes: A Review

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Most of the existing techniques make use of the key or token for the fingerprint privacy protection, which creates the inconvenience. They may also be open to attacks when both the key and the protected fingerprint are stolen.
The work in [4] propose a biohashing approach in which the inner products between the user’s fingerprint features and a pseudorandom number is computed.
The work in [5] propose to generate cancelable fingerprint templates by applying noninvertible transforms on the minutiae. The noninvertible transform is guided by a key, which will usually lead to a reduction in matching accuracy. The work in [4] and [5] are shown to be vulnerable to intrusion and linkage attacks ...view middle of the document...

Compared with the work in [9] which is a feature level technique, such an image level based fingerprint combination technique has two advantages: (i) it is difficult for the attacker to distinguish a mixed fingerprint from the original fingerprints, and (ii) existing fingerprint matching algorithms are applicable for matching two mixed fingerprints. However, this approach produces a visually unrealistic mixed fingerprint due to the variations in the orientation and frequency between the two different fingerprints. Their experimental results [8] show that the EER of matching two mixed fingerprints is about 15% when two different fingerprints are randomly chosen for creating a mixed fingerprint. If the two different fingerprints are carefully chosen according to a compatibility measure, the EER can be reduced to about 4%. The work [1] introduce a system for fingerprint privacy protection by combining two fingerprints into a new identity. In the enrollment, the system captures two fingerprints from...

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