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A First Light, A Second Chance

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Rochester, NY.

Clint Barton is not the smartest crayon in the box, or however that saying goes but he is smart enough to know when the hell to get out of a bad situation. He's known it since he was younger and he had to dodge his father's fists and belts. And right now would be the perfect time to get out. But does Swordsman and Trickshot listen to him? No, they tell him to go stare out a window.


So he does, he stares out the window with an arrow notched because if the person who's climbing their way up the building burst in here to kill everyone, he's not going down without a fight. He hasn't gotten any looks at the person – probably a girl by the flash of long red hair he saw when they were entering the building with what might be their employer – but he knows that they aren't here for talks, they can't be.

He stares out the blank window at darkness, he could've chose the other window – the one with a least a view of the river flowing between the city but this is the one with the best view of the other building that surround the four story red bricked empty building that Swordsman had directed him towards.

“So what's the kid for?” Clint hears a lackey ask.

Swordsman grunts as Clint decides to speak up, “I'm here to shoot you if the deal goes bad.” Thinking for a second, he adds, “Oh, by the way I'm not a kid.”

There's a small round of titters coming from the lackeys but Swordsman and Trickshot shares a look before going back to getting the deal on track. Sadly though, that's when the girl with the red willowy hair walks in with her employer. The girl is sent to stand at another side of the room while Clint slinks to hide in the shadow. Her employer ignores him as she walks towards the center of the room.

Quiet conversation falls as Clint watches the girl and the girl watches him. She, he notes, isn't like him. They have some similarities, lithe (him less so than her, as he began muscle building not that long ago) and agile looking but there they end. She's tiny looking, with a blank expression on her face. Her green eyes sparkle though, at the thought of what, Clint don't care. Her outfit is tight but not revealing which is good because she looks no older than him – Clint estimates a year older because he likes to guess upwards.

“Barton!” Trickshot shouts and Clint nods his head an inch. He can barely make out the girl staring out at the river, a small smile playing itself on her lips. Though, he pulls his thoughts to his mentor, waiting to hear the rest of the order as the shout of his last name is not the warning word, which Clint was hoping for because his bow is almost humming to shoot someone.

“You and the girl go wait outside the door.” He orders and Clint moves from his spot in the shadow of the window, catching glimpse of something shiny outside, he pushes it off as constuction equipment since they're building something a few blocks over and the metal frame can be seen. Right before Clint closes the door...

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