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A Global Perspective By Joan Ferrante

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Chapter 8 of Ferrante's Sociology: a Global Perspective, focuses on the idea of social stratification (division of people into ranked social classes). While the chapter discusses different stratification systems and how they affect these social classes have on people's lives, article19, in Sociological Footprints by Leonard Cargan and Jeanne Ballantine discuss the breakdown of class structure, as well as the consequences of it.Social stratification is defined in the text as the system of classifying people into categories based on their social worth. The categories in which any given person is classified under can have a great affect on their life chances, meaning the social advantages they ...view middle of the document...

The difference between them is that a caste system ( aka closed system) is where people are classified based on uncontrollable traits, while a class system ( aka open system) is where people are classified based on their ability and achievements in society. While a caste system causes inequality in society based on race, sex, etc. the class system causes inequality in society based on merit, education, income, and other individual efforts.Article 19, "Money and the World We Want" by Andrew Hacker, discussed class-based stratification systems, and the consequences of class structure. In the article, upper class is described as the people in society that carry the top income (an estimated number of wealthy households making up this tier in America is about thirty thousand). This leaves most of America's population to remain somewhere between the wealthy and the very poor. In fact, when creating a chart holding estimations of yearly incomes, the first tier which comprises the more wealthy households (making over $75,000 per year), makes up about 18.6% of America's population, while the second tier labeled as the "coping" households (making between $25,000-$75,000 per year) makes us 53%, and the " deprived" population (making under $25,000 per year) makes up roughly 28%. The text goes on to explain that while times change, and money value change, the rich are getting richer but other less fortunate segments of the population are not. Because the economic growth is not being shared, and the number of well-paying jobs is becoming more limited (due to the number of products being made over seas), economic inequality shows no sign of diminishing.

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