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A League Of Thier Own And Womens Baseball

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Through out history women have been oppressed. From the beginning of our country the role of the women has changed drastically. In the first 150 years women were expected to be the keepers of the home they did not work and could not vote. The emergence of the women's suffrage movement marked the beginning of a gradual change to the traditional role of women. Around the same time women gained the right to vote professional sports were starting to gain strength in our country and change as well. These coinciding parallels would meet around the time of world war two to make a change in the mode of operations in our country for women and sports. The merger was portrayed in the movie A League of Their Own.The year is 1943 the American pastime is baseball and it has gained in popularity from the days of Babe Ruth. America is also at war and some of baseballs biggest stars including Ted Williams have enlisted in the army. Baseball is at a stand still until the war is over. Women are experiencing much different roles than they have ever had before with men gone women are now working in factories helping to produce weapons and uniforms and must provide for their families while the men are at war. This is a change from their traditional role of sally homemaker in the past. This liberating change made headway for what was to become a pivotal event for sports and women. A group of investors took a gamble and decided to create a professional women's baseball league called the All American Girls.The film A League of Their Own shows the story of how the league came to be. A Chicago candy bar mogul, who in real life was the Wrigley brothers, sends his agent out to find talented girl ball players to play for his team the Rockford Peaches. He finds two sisters in Oregon Dottie and Kit Henson. Dottie is a smart catcher while her sister is a pitcher who and likes to swing at high fastballs. He also recruits other talented girls for the team. The girls are then participate in a tryout and make the team. After that they are forced to go to Edicit School so that they would...

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