A Positive Outlook Taken From A Horrid Phenomena

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No matter how strong or tough a person is, cancer can still be detrimental; it’s like a life bulldozer that bulldozing down anyone in its path of destruction. Just because it is wished that cancer won’t strike on loved ones, holds no stance against this tornado of woes. Spinning out of control, cancer stops at nothing to destroy all, innocent or not. Being good, doesn’t give a get-out-of-free jail card. In fact no one is safe, and probably never will be. Now matter what precautions are taken, the risk is always lurking. Cancer is quite devastating to all whose lives are affected by it; nonetheless, the struggles that come from catastrophes such as this, can also double as positive.

There are certain things that no one ever wants, or should hear; phrases that only end with despair. No one should have to hear the news I was burdened with at such a young age. Being in the fourth grade, I was cute, clueless, and content. Life was good. My grandparents had recently moved up to our area, and lived within walking distance of my house. My mom, dad, and sister made up the immediate family that I was proud to call my own. I loved my family, and not even in my darkest nightmares did I imagine what was to come. I was blinded to even the possibility of it happening to me. The fact that I grew up in a strong christian home, with parents who feared the Lord, was enough to make me think we were safe from it all.

I belonged to a typical family of four. The members consisted of: a hard working dad, who loved to hunt and buy lots of big kid toys, and a loving mom who worked part time, and manned the kids during their younger years. Oh, and my annoying little sister, who also was apart of the system that had been rotating in thus far in my life. Until this point, my life had seemed solid. I always had the mindset that nothing could ever shake the ship that my family was constructed upon. I could not have been anything, but dead wrong.

Thinking that it will never happen to you, sure has its way of almost making sure that it does. I received this woeful news, when I was at my grandparents’ house. It was a day just like any other. Nothing hinted what was waiting to attack my family at the next turn. When my sister and I heard the words, “your dad has cancer”, we were numbed from head to toe. I couldn’t believe it what my brain was absorbing. Being nine and in the 4th grade, I had learnt about cancer in school, but that misfortune only happened to in the textbooks, right? The answer to this question, was soon made clear to me. I concluded that cancer was a real phenomena, and has no boundaries: it will, and can take captive anyone it feels like. Among such victims that cancer has held under its wrath, my father was included.

Cancer is A long battle of struggles. It isn’t easy to view, especially if you are on the sidelines, longing to help, but are always rejected as useless. My dad went through Chemotherapy, colon surgery, as well as many other ups and downs. The...

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