A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor

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A Smooth Sea never made a Skilled Sailor

People learn with age and mistakes, and life inevitably hurls endless whirlwinds of complications at us, however the more complications we endure, the better we handle them, the easier they become, and the wiser we grow.
I began life in Hill Top, an estate in West Bromwich. It has never been the nicest place to live and when I was younger it was probably at its most degenerate state. Gangs flourished on the estate, crime rate was exceptionally high and the barbaric depths of poverty were forever increasing. Growing up in the local primary school I had learnt how to handle myself, how to handle the gangs and stay out of trouble, learnt right and ...view middle of the document...

After my life seemed to uncontrollably throw wave after wave of misfortune upon me. My mom had a miscarriage, followed by the death of my great nan not long after, when I was about 15 my younger sister began to self harm, I then also had a scare of being a dad myself. My school work and grades had completely plummeted and from expected A’s & B’s I was expecting D’s, I’d mess about in class just to make up for the lack of attention at home, also issues with my older sister and her real dad caused a terrifying sense of friction in the house. The stress meant that my parents ended up arguing daily, so I spent a great deal of time around my Nans. I've always stayed at my Nans every weekend and holiday for as long as I remember, and during this time I spent a lot more time there, it was quiet, calm. My Nans allowed me to rejoice in the good times and things I had and allowed me to get over the issues in my own way and time. It took until January 2013 for me to turn my life around and started to get it back up to how I had used to be.
During my lowest point I had lost my drive, my determination, all my motivation had gone, and I did nothing, I didn't care about anything, I didn't do anything, I just gave up trying. Until a day in January where it just so happened that my classmates were talking about a college, I hadn't even thought of college I didn't even know if I wanted to go. They kept mentioning King Edwards, reiterating how it was supposedly one of the best in the UK, so I asked what our teacher thought of the chances of me getting into there, completely as a joke, but her response was stone cold, ruthless, she said, “Never in a million years”. I remember the silence of the class, and my dazed face, I had expected an answer similar along the lines of not getting in, but the iciness of the response was felt throughout the class. A few times occurred in school...

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