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A Strong FoundationWhen first arriving to college, many students are surprised at the general education classes they must take in order to graduate. Students who want to perhaps become accountants, psychologists, and etcetera wonder why they should study subjects such as Ethnic and Gender Studies, Philosophy or Creative Writing when that has nothing to do directly with their fields of study. General education is also known as a liberal arts education, which provides students with a broad range of information enabling them to expand their knowledge and to advance society in a positive direction. Although declaring a major or one area of study can also be rewarding, a universal education provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many fields and subjects allowing students to explore and create new theories, inventions, and connections between fields. Students can also observe the strengths and capabilities, as well as the limitations of each field of study. Once having taken these classes, students can take the information to the outside world and apply it to almost any profession, even those requiring a specialized degree, such as medicine or teaching K-12. With these new inventions, discoveries, ideas, and new methods of problem solving, society will advance in a positive direction. Standards of living will also raise making society more productive and more capable of controlling its surroundings. New thoughts and theories will give insight to those who desire meaning and understanding of concepts.Waldon 2Furthering your education by studying a specific subject can always play an important role in society but individuals with a well-rounded education play an even bigger role in society. While it is true that the factual information about each subject is very important, the most useful tool a liberal arts education gives students is the knowledge of strengths and capabilities of each individual field, as well as weaknesses and restrictions. As in mixing colors, a new color can only be created by mixing different colors. The brilliance of this new color depends on the shades and hues of the colors used to create it (Newman 53). The same is true for education. The resulting idea is a product of the compatibility of the subjects joined to create it. For example, a team of research specialists developed the invention of the transistor, one of the most important electronic devices. Specialized mathematicians, scientists, physicists, and engineers all worked together to find a quicker, more efficient way to process the overload of telephone calls. The leaders of this research team had to be highly educated in every one of those fields of study, as well as language. They had to practically translate the technical terms of each field to the other team members so each one understood the approach the team was taking. Most notably, the team leaders came up with an approach of improving the efficiency of the vacuum tube in the transistor, which resulted in...

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