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Abuse In Families Essay

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Every family experiences times of stress. Certain types of stress can have an effect on the family. One form of stress in the family is caused by abuse by one of its member by another. During my senior year in high school, there was a girl who was a freshman. She was going through a hard time with her family. She was being abused by her father, which began to destroy her mentally, and damages the relationship between her mother, and father. The stresses of this nature often break down the family structure by dissolving the mutual respect between parent and child incurables the way the family functions. Abuse in a family between the father and child destroys the entire family relationship, by breaking the bonds of trust, which strains the marriage and damages the children.The teenage girls father disrespected her body by hitting her, which dissolved the mutual respect between parent and child. She was quite upset with her mother for not stepping in and helping her. Her attitude and behavior changed towards her parents. She began to talk back to them, curse them out, and not obey them. Her father tried to force her to respect him through his abuse, which further alienated him. The father caused all the stress between him and his daughter. The father would work long hours and come home all stressed out. He would escape his problem by drinking and take out all his frustration and stress on his daughter. His stress was not able to have enough money to support the family. Instead of saving his money, he would take most of his paycheck and buy alcohol because that was the solution to get away from his problems. She began to start disrespecting her parents and to herself by drinking and doing drugs. She thought drugs solved all her problems because she had no one to turn to, and also it makes her "feel good." She no longer valued her mother; she began to view her mother as weak and...

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