Adoption Reversal Is Not A Good Idea

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Adoption Reversal is Not a Good Idea Adoption is a difficult experience for all parties involved. It is because of these trials and tribulations that a parent's decision to give a child up for adoption should not be reversed. Parents should not be allowed to retain guardianship of a child that they have given up for adoption. If a parent goes through the entire process of giving up the parental right of a child, the process should not be allowed to be treated as something that is so trivial it can be overturned no matter what the situation. The repercussions that stem from an adoption include mental scars and anguish, financial burden, and not to mention the declaration of parents to be unfit by themselves. In a child's development it is imperative that he or she have a stable parent figure for the very critical early developmental years. If a parent decides to give up a child during these years, which some consider the most important of a persons life, then they should not be able to come and just take up where they left off whenever they feel they are ready. If someone puts in the time and patience to developed a child during these years it is not fair that a person who at first said they were not ready can just come and reclaim that child they had disowned. If someone can declare him or herself unfit for a child, which is what they do by putting their child up for adoption, they can not just decide they are fit again after just a couple of years. The financial bearings that are put on adoptive parents are another fact that should influence the decision not to give a child back to the birth parents after adoption. In order to raise a child there is a tremendous financial bearing that is put on the parent that assumes...

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