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Marketing Strategy For Mr. Sub Essay

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Introduction The first MR.SUB restaurant opened in March of 1968. Five months later, the two founders opened a second, and by 1972 there were 12 locations, and people were lining up to buy franchises. In the 1960¡¦s, you could just taste the future coming on strong. Today, there are over 560 restaurants from coast to coast, and MR.SUB is still owned by the founding partners. Sure, styles have changed over the years, but every MR.SUB franchisee remains committed to our original concept of quality and freshness. That thinking was what brought people to our restaurants back in the 60's, and it continues to create new customers today.The research was conducted because we wanted to know the performance of Mr. Sub at the Lakeshore campus. The location was convenient for our group.Statement of Research Objectives: "X We will measure the degree of awareness of staff and students at Humber College to see if they have a liking, strong preference etc. for Mr. Sub¡¦s products and/or services."X We will determine whether the customers are cognizant of all the products available."X Our survey will measure the customer¡¦s satisfaction level with the products and services."X We will ask customers if they perceive Mr. Sub¡¦s prices to be comparable to the Cafeteria¡¦s based on the value of products and services received."X We will determine if there are any products or services that they would like Mr. Sub to offer in the future."X We would also like to determine if an increase in price will affect demand for the product or will the customers willingly pay more for a specific product or service.The information will be gathered by the use of a questionnaire survey. We intend to give our client the feedback...

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