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“Be careful what you wish for. I know that for a fact. Wishes are brutal, unforgiving things. They burn your tongue the moment they’re spoken and you can never take them back.”-Alice Hoffman (Alice Hoffman Quotes, 2014). Alice Hoffman was born on March 16th, 1952 in New York City, New York. She grew up in Long Island, New York and graduated in 1969 from high school (Biography, 2014). Her parents got divorced when she was young, but they both worked and attended college, and out of their neighborhood, they were the only people that attended college (O'Hara, 2014). Alice Hoffman attended two different colleges during her time in school. She attended Adelphi University and the Stanford ...view middle of the document...

Hoffman is a believer that if you have a phobia that affects you every day, writing will help you heal and get over that phobia easier than anything else. (O'Hara, 2014). Alice Hoffman uses this belief to make her writing better. She will write a book that has something to do with the phobia or tragedy that she is going through at the moment, such as treatment for cancer. Alice Hoffman also uses tragedies that happen in America, such as 9/11, as a way to write books. This writing technique that she uses helped her most popular book get that title.
Alice Hoffman’s most popular book is The Dovekeepers (Biography, 2014). During the process of writing this book, Hoffman found that writing helped her during chemotherapy and while she was sick during her treatment time (O'Hara, 2014). Hoffman would often write during this time to make her feel better. Due to her focusing on writing so much as an exit of treatment and sickness, Hoffman came out with a book that was “beautiful, harrowing, a major contribution to the twenty-first century literature” (The Dovekeepers Synopsis, 2014). Also, The Dovekeepers is believed to be “ambitious and mesmerizing” (The Dovekeepers Synopsis, 2014), which is why it is thought to have been so popular. This book is set in Ancient Israel. “In 70 CE, nine hundred Jews held out for months against armies of Romans on a mountain in the Judean, desert, Masada. Only two women and five children survived.” (The Dovekeepers Synopsis, 2014). The Dovekeepers is based off of this event that occurred. In the book, four women meet in the desperate days of the siege. “All are dovekeepers, and all are keeping secrets- about who they are, who they came from, who fathered them, and who they love” (The Dovekeepers Synopsis, 2014). Hoffman has many people who enjoy this book and her other books, such as Publishers Weekly and other fans of her or people who just enjoy reading (The Dovekeepers Synopsis, 2014).
“You are one of the writers that set the standard for me,” (Guestbook, 2014). “You are a very inspiring author,” (Guestbook, 2014). “…I am thoroughly enchanted by your works.” (Guestbook, 2014). As shown in the above quotes, Alice Hoffman has a lot of good words spoken about her books. Hoffman’s books are well liked, and most of them are written off of events that have occurred in her life or in America. Although 9/11 did not occur in her city, it did occur close to home and shook America. Her book Green Angel is written after 9/11. It was about the starting over and getting better again after a tragic event like 9/11 occurred. But, “now Green Witch takes us farther into the achingly beautiful, ruined, and redeemed world” (Green Witch Synopsis, 2014). This shows that Alice Hoffman connects her life and the events that occur to her writing. Hoffman wrote Survival Lessons about a difficult event that she went through. This difficult event was cancer. Hoffman said that cancer changed her. It changed how she...

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