Almost Everyone Has A Goal In Life; A Career, A

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Almost everyone has a goal in life; a career, a family, or maybe even an expensive sports car. If you are a student in high school, you should start thinking about what you are going to do after graduation. You will soon become an adult, so start thinking about where you have a passion for. Places like the Key Largo, one of the Florida Keys, and the average-sized town of Durango in south west Colorado make some people drool. To live in either place would be heaven because of many facts. The Keys are a major tourist location, one of the most popular places to go for vacation, hence no privacy. Tourists have many good-looking daughters, though. There is not a thing better than females, so no privacy is not that disturbing. You may meet your soul mate there. Average temperature above seventy degrees Fahrenheit, sunny most of the time. Key Largo has a wonderful climate to many. Not to mention the fifty-two to fifty-six inches of rain on average. Val Parker, a former resident of Miami, said "South Florida is one of the most relaxing places I've ever been because of the warm temperature and sun." There are occasional hurricanes, however, and they are a big threat to kill. If your house is made of brick and has a sturdy foundation, there should be no worry. Living on the beach would be "the life" to many. Sandy beaches, rolling waves, and a clear sky is the ultimate experience to this writer. The Keys are quite tiny, so there is not much room to move around. The Keys are only two hundred and twenty-five miles long and mostly made of swampy grassland. They are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean which you can see the whole time you drive along the two lane highway all the way...

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987 words - 4 pages Careers is not something to be taken in a light manner as it acts as a major function in every being’s life. Career dysfunctional may results in decreased self confidence, increased interpersonal communication problems or traces of depression. According to Beverly Baskin, the term career can be defined as the the totality of work one does in one’s lifetime. Given this definition, education, family responsibilities, work and leisure activities

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1201 words - 5 pages A career in Dentistry is my main goal in life. I want to pursue a career in Dentistry for many reasons. Being a Dentist, you get to aid people and make them feel better about themselves. I have the personal qualities to be a Dentist and know that I would be great at the job. I would look forward to going to work every day. Dentistry contains many tools and oral practices that I am not familiar with. It would be awesome to get to be familiar with

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967 words - 4 pages focus on book editing. As an editor, I would have a working environment that suits me and appropriate skills for the job, such as interpersonal skills, language skills, writing skills, creativity, and being detail oriented. ( Also, values that are important to me would be a focus in this career, such as independence, achievement, and recognition. A career as an editor is a fulfilling career goal because of the ability to improve

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1959 words - 8 pages will be coming from the Newton Gresham Library, Writing Center, Career Services, Internet, and O’Net The reason that I fell in love with Kinesiology was the broad career options. If I want I could work alongside children, or take my education a set further and become an Occupational Therapist. Since childhood I have known that I wanted to help people with their physical being. So naturally, it has leaded me to explore the medical field, and

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593 words - 3 pages Francisco will provide me with theoretical understanding in depth idea of practical approaches in aiding strategic decision-making and real world experience to enable me to develop expertise in the core areas of international marketing. Moreover, it will also provide an opportunity to exchange and to explore ideas with the world’s professionals that Hult has to offer through the master program. It will be a huge eye opening of my marketing horizon that will enable me to understand more and to apply my skills to achieve my career goal in the future.

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1689 words - 7 pages When people ask me what do I want to do as a career, I respond with I want to become an engineer. People are in shock when they hear that because engineering is a hard and challenging career. It includes a mixture of subjects such as science, English, and a strong foundation of mathematics. Engineering also includes an imagination because the engineer will have to invent objects used for everyday life or improve already used objects to improve

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585 words - 2 pages A Career in Education I have been interested in a career in education since I was very young. My grandfather and grandmother both retired from the school system (one as a principal and the other as a Home Economics teacher). I look to them as role models. Helping others understand the world around themselves has always been enjoyable to me. The purpose of public education is to allow the citizens of the United States a

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1298 words - 5 pages A survey certified that average women spend about $13,000 on makeup in her life time. Not only that, but also spend 300 hours applying it. Beauty tends to increase the self esteem of women, they think more positive of themselves. Along with that like anything else cosmetology has revolutionized throughout the years. Cosmetology has played an important role in lives of women, it does not only represent beauty, but also self confidence. In the

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1569 words - 6 pages cases. These long hours can tremendously affect family life (Derringer 1). For instance, you may not be able to attend an event for your child because of the way scheduling is handled in the workplace. Stress is one of the biggest disadvantages to this career (Ranburn 1). If you do not handle stress well, there is a very good chance that this profession is not for you. You are often standing to your feet for long portions of time while working

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1070 words - 5 pages A career in education can be a rewarding yet challenging field. Becoming a teacher is a unique career in which there will be various titles, from being a communicator, social worker, disciplinarian, evaluator, role model, and at times a parent. Being able to change the lives and mold minds of young children is something I have always wanted to do. Throughout my research and personal interview, I have discovered what my salary will be like, the

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1616 words - 6 pages Introduction      Choosing a career in marketing can lead a person in many different directions within the defined roles of marketing. Composed of many facets and activities marketing careers offer a variety of avenues for the career minded to explore while offering growth and opportunities for advancement. A common denominator for many who choose a career in this field is the sense of ownership, or entrepreneurial spirit with regards to the

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