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Government is an inevitable asset because human beings are savages and without government there would be chaos. "If men were angels, no government is needed"(James Madison). People need a form of organized authority to create and enforce laws. There are four theories that explain how government emerged, the Revolutionary theory, Force theory, Social Contract, and Economic theory. Government plays a major role in everyday life, they provide the people with public services, set goals and public policies, maintain tradition and culture, and resolve conflicts.One of the theories that explain how government developed is called the Revolutionary theory. According to this theory government formed naturally. Families had head of household. Families would join together and create tribes. The tribes will join other tribes and from states, and states will the bond with other states and make a nation.It is believe that people could survive without a structured and concreted government. The second theory is called the Force theory. Individuals would reinforce their power through conquest and force. They would gain strength and power through building or creating a strong military and institutions. An example of a Force theory is Hitler and Henry VIII. Political scientist philosopher, like John Locke, generated the Social Contract theory. Lockes believed people were born with natural rights, to life, liberty, and property. It was government's duty is to protect these rights. People intentionally form a government. The people gave up some of their freedom to gain the advantages of having an organized form of government. The fourth theory is Economic...

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1628 words - 7 pages . Conservatism.III. LiberalismLiberalism is an ideology positing that the most important goal of politics is to help individuals develop their capacities to the fullest. To this end, people should be regulated and aided by governments as little as possible, so that they will learn from experience of being responsible for their own decisions. Liberalism may be summarized by the slogan, " That government is best with governs least."John Stuart Mill

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