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American Idealist And Realism Views Essay

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American idealist and realism views Idealism and realism are two motivational factors for American war and peace. America has always been more of an idealist when going to war and realist at the peace table. Evidence of this can be seen in two of the earliest American wars, the Revolutionary war and the Mexican war. From the willingness of Americans to get up and fight the oppression of the British, to the financial settlements for land obtained during the Mexican war, America demonstrates that this statement is true.In the history of the world, there has never been a government with the same idealistic beliefs that America has demonstrated since it?s inception. Beliefs such as independence, equality for all men and women, God given rights of humanity and freedom of the individual. Although it was the very first American war, these idealistic views were shown true even then. ...view middle of the document...

It was also these views that allow America to once again fight for the expansion of freedom in the Mexican war. Most nations throughout the world expected America to lose to Mexico because it had a standing army four times the size of Americans. However, America hardly expected Mexico to put up a fight at all. The idealistic views of America allowed one leading democrat to say that Mexico would only offer ?a slight resistance to the North American race?? And it was this sentiment that spread throughout the nation the willingness to stand for what you believe in. A newspaper publisher was credited with saying that the ?imbecile? Mexicans were ?as sure to melt away at the approach of [American] energy and enterprise as a snow ball to the southern sun?? So while entering the Mexican War full of idealistic views America was able to leave it victorious.While being the only nation bullheaded enough to enter a war certain of victory America was willing to set all of that aside to bring about peace. Although clouded by idealistic view American was able to accept that their fledgling little nation had to have peace. The answer for this after the revolutionary war was to establish a good trade agreement with Europe. For this America obtained Jays treaty. For the time this was the best that America could hope to get from Britain. This realistic idea carried on throughout the years and eventually surfaced again in the Mexican War. After the American forces defeated Mexico negotiations started to settle the land disputes of the war. In order to obtain peace the realistic action that America took was paying Mexico for their land. This belief in realism helped America stay out of hot water with Mexico and several other countries for years to come. It was all possible with the establishment of a middle ground or a compromise.While America is an idealistic nation it understands the value of realism and the worth of peace. Ultimately these views have kept America alive and thriving for so long. It will also keep them going for many more years to come.

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