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An Author’s Purpose In Writing Essay

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Some authors have a certain purpose or purposes in their writing. These purposes usually deal with what that specific author believes in and is usually demonstrated somewhere in their lives. This specific belief is something they develop overtime just as anyone else does. Sometimes it’s not all specific about their beliefs but rather something they’ve learned about and would like to get out to people in a creative way such as writing short stories. At times an author has a purpose for writing a specific story or poem and doesn’t completely and clearly get their point across within the writing. Yet when the author is specific about what they would like to get across that’s usually their main ...view middle of the document...

” Later the story says, “Rakesh marched into the room, not with his usual respectful step but with the confident and rather contemptuous stride of the famous doctor, and declared.” This is different because it shows that there is another side to Rakesh in that he is no longer as respectful and submissive to his father the roles have changed.

Next, the author wants to present the idea that nothing is quite as simple as it seems in life which she reveals in her short story. There is nothing in this story that is simple. From the get go it’s all very complex the issues go back into the characters history of their life and culture all the same. Varma is told by his son that he has to take the medicine and he is disrespected in some ways that we would not see in our culture today as being disrespectful but rather caring. On page 1429 this is shown, “Keep your tonic—I want none—I want none—I won’t take any more of—of your medicines. None. Never.” Here Varma is refusing to take his sons medicine which seems like a routinely thing for older people to do, but he refuses to take it because to him this is something disrespectful for him from his son. He is forcing his father to take medicines and the father would rather die than take his medicine his life is no longer that simple.

Next, the author wants to present the idea that nothing is quite as simple as it seems in life which she reveals in her short story. Again the duality of life is expressed in this story rather than stated before. It is a perfect example because the roles of the son and father change in this story. In the beginning it is the...

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