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An Integrated Biological Detection System Essay

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There are many countries that are supposed of having established a program in offense to biological warfare. Some of the distinguished countries are: Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Egypt, and North Korea. The easiest way to begin explaining Biological warfare is to consider any living organism and its possible potential to be used as way of causing harm, injury, and even death to any population of people (Hooker, 2014). Organism may consist of bacteria, fungi, or viruses. There are also toxins that may be found in any natural environment that have the potential to be used as a biological attack on any one person or population. It has been a proven fact substantiated by evidence that has ...view middle of the document...

There was no doubt that there was a desperate need to have in place a piece of equipment that could produce real-time battlefield analysis of a biological threat in any given operation, and this is the reason for the BIDS program.
During any war there are many threats that may be present, such as threats of biological warfare. History has shown that there are many advantages to gain when deploying biological weapons into battle and many countries can account for having done so. The pros to deploying biological weapons versus the conventional weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are: biological weapons are the only weapons which multiply themselves when released; the efficiency of how a biological weapon can kill is great, and the cost of producing a biological weapon is low (Chauhan, 2004). Reflecting back at the events that have played out in history, the use of biological warfare is not that of a new concept, but one that has been played out repeatedly and continues to develop. In recent history, we can see that as early as World War I (WWI), the German army had urbanized cholera, glanders, anthrax, and a wheat fungus for the sole purpose of being used as biological weapons (Alibek & Handelman, 1999). Japan for instance is one of many countries that had used biological weapons as a way to benefit in war. An experiment conducted by the Japanese included infectious agents for bubonic plague, tularemia, anthrax, smallpox, typhus, yellow fever, cholera, and hepatitis (Schneider, 1999). Though many countries participated in the BWC treaty, Japan being one of them; Japan desecrated the treaty by utilizing biological weapons on Japanese nationals and Allied Forces (Schneider, 1999). There will always be the...

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