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In the article “Life According to T.V.” published in 2009, in common culture: Reading and writing about American popular culture, Harry Water portrays that the media nowadays are easily to misrepresent the world and damage the society as a whole. First of all, he points out that the television is more influential than other forms of entertainment media in the public which affects social attitudes and creates cultural biases. Secondly, he refers to Gerbner’s study which is based on precise experiments and surveys and explains television changes the public’s view through multiple ways such as sex, age, race, work, health and crime, or other aspects of society. For instance, Water says that TV ...view middle of the document...

However, in my opinion, if we only focus on some of the negative things, we will lose a lot of wonderful parts. This show can also precisely portrays the most positive thing, hope – the reason that makes people continuous to watch. Overall, in my point of view, the TV show can also bring good influence to viewer if they don’t focus on superficial and negative things.
Television can educate different types of viewers. Michael Scofield abandons his decent living - high-paying construction engineer, insisted that he is framed to save his brother who is set up by a group of people and has only one month left to execute. He is pretty confidence with his plan which is robbing a bank and entering the same prison with his brother. Luckily, he had participated in designing this prison before, and then he carried out his rescue plan. In this episode, Scofield tries to adapt to the small community and understand the operation of the prison, and this system. This plan goes well as he thinks. It is very different from Waters says, videos violence will only have bad influence. In contrast, although the film portrays much violence in many superficial ways, but when people look into the deeper sides, it is the way they fight for justice and freedom. Jailbreak is illegal, but the spirit of breaking prison can be advocated, which is a kind of struggling in worst situation and to find faint light - justice and freedom. This episode has brought many positive changes to the viewers, that is, to strengthen the sense of justice of the audience, to educate young generation that never give up in any kind of bad situations, to learn to create chance in hopeless situation, to struggle for justice and freedom, to maintain a fair society. For officer of the government, they are taught not to abuse their power, and their main responsibility is to maintain a free and fair society.
The media also plays the role on changing traditional negative attitude. Michael’s cellmate Fernando Sucre, he has no money to buy the ring for his girlfriend as a gift so that he tries to commit robbery, and finally he gets sentenced to prison for five years. Now, he is writing a letter to his girlfriend, and explains that he wants to marry his girlfriend,...

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