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Anthony Wesley Essay

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Anthony Oliver Wesley was born 30 two years ago in London, Britain. He was the firstborn child in the Wesley family. The firstborn druid actually. This birth caused only joy and happiness for the Wesley family. Oliver and Rebekah were so happy to have their first child to take care of. They were rich, able to afford everything and anything to their child, not like most druid families were back at that time. Therefore Anthony grew up surrounded with people who loved him and who gave him everything he could ever wish for. He is used on getting everything he wants and due to that you could say that he is a little bit of a spoiled brat. Not that he would actually cry if he did not get exactly ...view middle of the document...

If there was one thing Tony hated most, it would be when people would reject him. Was it in the business he was running with his father, or was it some girl who said no to him. If that happened Tony would go and push his own limits until he got what he wanted. He would also go and be possessive at some times when people would reject him for a long time. He is one stubborn and persistent man who would stop at nothing to get what he wants.

This druid family was faithful to the hunters from the beginning. Tony's parents always found easier getting some sense into human's head then into animal's. Not like werewolves weren't part human, but still, they were part animal. Hunters and this druid family got along for quite a time. Hunters would always listen to what druids had to say, and they would always listen to their advices, well actually, always except for one time. One of the just turned werewolves accidentally killed one of the hunters that Tony's family was allying with.The hunters gone mad and wanted to basically start a war against much stronger werewolves. Tony's father tried to talk them out of it, but they just would not listen. It was the time when Tony's father decided to go to the werewolves and try to get some sense into their heads before it was too late. Before he got to talk to the alpha of that pack, Tony's father was busted by the hunters he was working for. Thinking that he was going to betray them and join forces with the werewolves, the hunter who saw him immediately shot him. It was shocking when Wesley's found out about what happened. They buried Oliver and swore that they will never serve a hunter family again. Since that day, Tony's family members joined forces only with werewolves, but Tony became one lonely druid. He worked for himself and himself only.

Tony did not take the blow of his father dying that well. He wanted to go as far as he could from England, and therefore, he moved to New Orleans, just one of the places where he had one of hotels that were now his to take care of. There was no other man in the family and therefore he became the owner of the company. He took a good care of the hotels, after all, they were one of the memories...

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