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Appeal Letter Essay

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I am writing this appeal letter, because I have received a letter saying that I am eligible to attend the University of Wisconsin La Crosse anymore due to my academic standing. I wish, and hope that you may reconsider. I have been attending this college for two years now, hoping to go on my third. And I would love to say that I enjoy this community very much and that I wish to stay. I wish to grow better as a student and as a member of the college community. Here in this college I am currently a leader of InterVarsity, a Christian organization on campus, and have been active in HOPE, a Hmong organization on campus. Although I have been active within the college community and have been ...view middle of the document...

Somehow, I managed to push through and not fail any of my classes. But I ended up with low grades.
Second year came to and the same thing happened. My girlfriend did the same thing but this time she demanded more. She wanted me to stay for weekends over at her place, then sooner later Fridays as well. This really impacted my studies. My priorities started to shift, school work being second and making her first on my list of priorities. Then spring of 2013 on the 3th of March my grandma passed away. I hit rock bottom. I got depress and started to miss classes due to that. Attendance went down along with my studies. But I thought I could pull myself out of it. Being the independent person that I am, I thought that I could do everything on my own but I was wrong. Sooner later my grades went down and I seemed to have hit a wall. With my girlfriend stressing my out and the lost of my grandma, I was at my all time low. I kept everything to myself and did not seek help from people, which just made it worse. It prolonged my depression and made everything collapse. I did not know where to turn. I ended up having a bad year, which placed me on Probation II.
Finally, this passed semester I would have to say was my hardest. After seeing that I was on Probation II, I focused extremely hard on my studies and my school work. I started off really strong, because school was first on my priorities instead of my girlfriend. But bigger things were going to happen. The first big thing that happened to me was my grandpa going to the hospital because of a stroke. It was September 6th of 2013. I received word from my brother, sister, uncle and my cousin that my grandpa had had a stroke and that he is in the hospital. I knew that if I left La Crosse my school work would gone down, and so I stayed not knowing that I could have gotten a doctor’s note saying that my grandpa was in the hospital due to a stroke. So I got depressed again, but this time I...

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