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Arguement For Education Essay

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In today's society, education is stressed as being the key to success. Whyis this? Most students say they want an education to make money. Beingeducated usually goes hand-in-hand with a relatively high-paying job. Thepurpose of an education, however, has little to do with money. Getting paidis the reward. Typically, there are three major arguments to describe thepurpose of an education.The first argument states that the purpose of a higher education is todevelop a "well-rounded" population. This means that everyone should geta taste of everything, thus creating a society with broad ideas. In primaryand secondary schools. students study a wide range of courses; includingmath, English, and science. If everyone was educated, it would create arelatively stable society with a population that is able to functionindependently. However, I believe that this argument lacks direction. Withall these "well-rounded" people, where would doctors and teachers comefrom? It is purposeful to be educated in many general areas, but without acareer goal or "major" in mind, an education can be rendered as functionalto a point.The second argument is that liberal arts education should producespecialists in a given field of study. The result of this would be theadvancement of that field. If someone was educated to be a specialist, theytypically would earn a greater income. This is because they become morevaluable to society. A person with an extended knowledge of a field canexpand upon it by applying their own experience and intuition. An exampleof this type of education would be a doctor or a teacher. A doctor with moreapplied experience tends to be superior over a doctor that has book andclassroom based knowledge. Schools should start specialized trainingearly on. Students in primary and secondary school tend to have a greaterpotential for learning than most adults. This is because young brains aremore pliable. The downside to this is that kids don't always know whatdirection to put their lives, nor do they stay committed to that goal. For thisreason, the majority of specialized training is offered as post-secondaryschool. Usually, by this time a student will have made a decision on amajor. Even then, the determined college student can stray from the careerthey...

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