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Ars Poetica Vs Dream Deferred Essay

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English Essay The Imagery Of Words As both poems connect the idea of words and images, they take a deeper representation of simple and common words.Ars Poetica completes Dream Deferred as the imagery involved is similar in writting style. The complexity of the descriptions are fascinating as they induce a multitude of colorful emotions and senses. A unique combinations of distinct words unlock a flavor to the poems which is unexplainable. The rythm complements the vivid arrangement of similees as it defines the intonation and speed the reader needs to fully grasp the abundant visuals the poetry supplies. It is interesting to see that, though they differ in length both text deliver a vast, amount of information in a truly concentrated format.Dream Deferred is the physical appearance of an unrealized dream. Ars Poetica is an explanation of poetry and its effects on the imagination. Both relate by means of descripton as each poem narrates the visual depictions of common daily items. These elements are given new significance as they take on the will and identity of the author. Archibald Macleish uses the lines "Dumb as old medallions to the thumb" as passages to orient the reader in further understanding poetry. His definition of poetry by means of similee denotes a concept also used in Dream Deferred. Langston Hughes uses the natural sounds of his words to encourage imaginary visuals. "Or crust and sugar over--like a syrupy sweet?". The use of onomatopoeia in Langston Hughes peom describes in taste an unrealized dream. Both authors are capable of explaining emotions, feelings and untouchable...

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