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Article Analysis:" The Wired Teens" September 18, 2000 Thesis: On-line promotion and the sale of products has to be given Careful consideration to attract a new line of potential Consumers.I. Situation analysis (SWOT) A: Identify industry trends B. Analyze competitors C. Assess Company D. Research consumer II. Market product focus and goal setting A. Set market and product goals B. Select target markets C. Find points of difference D. Position the product III. Marketing program A. Develop the program's marketing mix B. Develop the budget by estimating revenues, expenses and profits IV. Implementation phase A. Obtain Resources B. Design a marketing orientation C. Develop schedules D. Execute marketing program Today, computers are taking the place of the more traditional means of communication, such as the written letter the usually takes days even weeks to receive (in some instances) or the telephone. Society has now given way of the ever-increasing popularity of the e-mail, or the fax machine rather then these slower less productive means of communication. People that used to bring a newspaper to work are now downloading whole articles from whatever paper or magazine that interests them. This increased popularity of on-line promotion and sale has caused business to "sit up and take notice," in attempts to attract potential consumers.News, sports and weather can all be accessed from this information super-highway. The inter-net is not only used for its vast amounts of information, but also for it's wealth of endless products and services that is offered. Only with this new found tool can people order flowers, check bank accounts and go shopping all at the same time without leaving the comfort of their home or office. No more long line-ups or fighting your way through crowded shopping centres on lunch breaks.Teens utilise the inter-net to perform such tasks as homework, chatting with friends about the events of the day in chat rooms (ICQ) or just to roam the net in search of interesting sites. Companies such as Nike and Reebok have noticed this trend, and are taking advantage of this new found opportunity by buying up valuable internet space on frequently accessed sites like MSN messenger service or ICQ. If our company purchased a small plot of inter-net land, and advertised for just one week it would have been viewed by more people than if our ad ran in 5 magazines for 3 months.Figure 1. Shows the internal and external factors affecting the marketing opportunities. This situation analysis starts with a snapshot of the current environment in which our company finds itself. By providing a brief SWOT analysis.Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses Management Experienced management Small size restricts options Offerings Unique, high quality products Lower priced, lower quality competitors Distribution in 3 markets with No, national awareness...

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