Arts Education Should Be Taught In Public Schools

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When I was young, just like any other child, I loved playing with colors. Throughout my childhood, though, art simply meant doodling with crayons or creating some mess. I considered that as my true art. On my birthday, my father bought me one Japanese movie named The Future Boy Conan as a gift. Even though it was my first time watching a Japanese movie, I was enchanted. I developed the patience to learn to draw and continued to study more about arts. The more I drew, the more I felt like I found something, not only in the artworks, but in myself. Art is still my passion and is something that I take pride in. Moreover, arts education allows many individuals to learn about themselves, ...view middle of the document...

While the study of Mathematics and Science require that students enter into an analytical or scientific framework, where thinking must be done logically, sequentially, and within a scientific process of hypothesis, testing through data collection, conclusion, and finally revision of hypothesis, arts education allows students study more creatively. Diagrams, tables, illustrations are visual representations, with the graphics enhancing the accessibility and impact of informational content. This approach has produced vivid insights into practice situations and has launched students into a deeper and more detailed level of analysis. Throughout history, many geniuses developed visual and spatial-temporal reasoning, giving them flexibility to display information in different ways. For example, visual thinking has aided many scientists such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo daVinci, and Charles Darwin in understanding and developing concepts and ideas. Indeed, they were able to create laws and inventions, contributing to the innovations of Science, Mathematics, and so on. Thus, arts can help students study more efficiently through visual aids. Removing art in public schools would take away students’ opportunity to learn creatively and expressively.
Arts education engages students, increasing their learning and academic achievement. Certain forms of arts instructions enhance and complement mathematical skills. For example, music instructions help develop the capacity of spatial-temporal reasoning, which is integral to the acquisition of important mathematical skills. According to Earnest Johnson, a research scholar at University of Michigan, one explanation for this achievement is that “musical training in rhythm emphasizes proportion, patterns and ratios expressed as mathematical relations” (244). Thus, Mathematics and Music, the most contrasted fields of intellectual activity, are yet bound together, supporting one another as if they shared the hidden bond. If music based on mathematical principles and if an understanding of music requires some studying of these mathematical principles, then it is possible that music education can lead to an improved spatial-temporal reasoning. In addition, the exposure of drama among students developed beneficial literacy skills. Drama can make a measurable difference in helping students reach certain important curricular goals in literacy skills such as story understanding, reading comprehension and writing skills. According to the Project Zero, which was done by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, researchers reviewed hundreds of studies addressing a variety of topics related to drama's impact on academic achievement in a variety of verbal areas (Ruppert). In this project, students who enacted texts were compared to students who read the same texts but did not enact them. When students had an opportunity to engage in a dramatic enactment of a story, their overall understanding of the story and quality of...

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