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Association Of Specialists In Group Essay

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Association for Specialist in Group Work Code of Ethics
The field of psychology is a field that has constantly grown over the years, as a result of this growth, the science of psychology is constantly changing. Researchers, scientists and experts in this field are constantly contributing new information on disorders and diagnosis in efforts to address the needs of an ever-changing world. Because of these constant changes, more and more ethical challenges a presented. New manuals and publications are continuously undergoing revision resulting in additional adaptation and modification of current ethical definitions. Since these methods are becoming more valid and compelling, the need for ...view middle of the document...

As a counselor, it’s imperative to be able to distinguish the difference among the major approaches to group work (e.g., group therapy, group counseling, task, psychoeducational, etc.), and be able to apply experience and knowledge under different circumstance to situations where it is most applicable. It is also important to recognize how group work may best be adapted to you potential counseling or mental health work setting.
For counselors and mental health professionals alike, ethics ensures both patients and psychologists are protected from legal recourse and potential violations of client’s rights. This publication is a good tool to use for mental health professionals in group settings to ensure they are in compliance at all times. It’s is very easy to confuse our personal values with ethical values. When reading this publication, this professional found the suggestion to screen members particularly intriguing. Before reading this publication it was assumed that anyone could join a group, ethical precautions were not considered as there is no guarantee that the members involved information would remain...


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