Attaining Equal Rights Essay

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Publishing her book Lean In, Sheryl Sanberg the vice president of Global sales and operation at Google referred to the great sexual discrimination. The majority of every filed are running by men, and they control everything by the majority. Women do not have equal status like men because women are not allowed to have equal political seats like men, be fully emancipated to get their basic human rights, and have equal right to education .
Women are not allowed to take the decisions that might have a severe impact on society. The most important political seats are running by men. Since there are men they monopolize everything. They are monopolizing education, cleverness ...view middle of the document...

They do not have right to raise their voice and to express their felling. Women are silent toward all this inequalities and injustices because they are not allowed to speak or to write. Women here know how to speak and how to write, but actually the do not know. I do not mean writing an Essay for their school or university duties. I mean the real kind of writing. Writing I am not asset, accessory ,appliance I am human. But how can

they write if their writing materials have been taken away. How can they write if their pen and papers have been taken away. How can they raise their voice if they put
locks on their mouths. Now is the time to scarify and break the locks in order to get equal rights. Now is the time for women to say what ever happen no one can control our felling, bodies, and fates, now is the time of change.
Education is an intrinsic tool in promoting women's participation in the different sectors, and everybody has the right to be educated. Being educated is the most important points in women's issues. Women can be more powerful and fully emancipated through education. Being educated enable women to attain their other rights such as having good participation in social, workforce, and political arenas. Ignorance leads to deny women rights; besides , Without education women cannot fight the gender inequality and the discriminations against them. Good education helps women to be powerful part of society, and it promotes women's participation in the different arenas....

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