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Attention Meap/Paa S Players – The Eagle Has Landed!

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IBM MobileFirst – ‘Solution Simply Delivered’

Reaching ~2 million mobile developers worldwide and standing out amidst the competition is a challenge. It needs innovation, a one stop shop for Mobile App – Blue Ocean Strategy. Accruing Customers and Users for Revenues and Market share.
Target: Establish IBM Worklight as de facto Disruptive next generation Platform for Mobile Application Development, immediately translating to effective sales revenues and Net New customer gain. Use of Social Media, Customer Executive's personal reference stories and Proof of concepts will all translate into a tangible Return of Investment, accelerating IBM’s Unique Selling Proposition in the Market Place, in different industry verticals. To expand IBM’s Mobile Offerings by using Lean Start-up methodology over the traditional “big design up front” development.

• Gamification – Engage users by various incentivizing, motivating and rewarding user-models; acquiring more users, increase user life cycle, increase in user retention rate.
• Social Intelligence (external customer’s sentiment analysis), Internal Employee survey, focus groups, customer’s empathy interview etc.
• Applied Analytics – Intelligent data analysis using Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive models based on developer’s tool usage behavior and other metrics as defined.
• Innovation – Organizing University hackathons, Developer’s week Hackathon, Brainstorming session etc.
• Planning, Elicitation and Requirement Analysis – Agile Scrum methodology.
Rationale: To offer a differentiating value and beat the competition in MEAP field among leaders such as Antenna Software, Kony, Vervio SAP Mobile Platform, Adobe, jQuery Mobile, and others such as PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Twitter Bootstrap etc as reported by Gartner 2013 report.
Threat of Substitution (Porter’s Five Forces) - Developers are referring to the open-source “PhoneGap” often and would substitute it for Work-Light if given additional features with trade-offs.
Idea – Use Lean Business Canvas model to identify the key relationship between the developers and 8 other key elements in the model. To oversee and maintain the User Life Cycle Management, Referral Program – Channel Referral Partnership Programs etc. Apply Pareto principle (80/20) and identify which 20% of Product process attracts 80% of workflow or revenue and expand it. Listen, Learn and Grow - I’ll conduct empathy interviews to identify what are the different needs of today’s mobile developers and what is their real-time pain point. Use Social Intelligence to...

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