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Authors Of The Revolution By The American Revolution, The Thirteen

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AUTHORS OF THE REVOLUTION By the American Revolution, the thirteen colonies had become well-established, harmonious settlements. Until this time, the colonies had calmly coexisted under the rule of the mother country, England. However, after many tense months between the settlers and the English government, England's Parliament decided to place various, new regulations on the colonists such as unjust, severe taxes and limitations on shipping rights. Feeling as though many of these new policies endangered their valuable liberties, the American people elected that it was time for a change. These circumstances fueled writers such as Thomas Paine, Phillis Wheatley, and Thomas Jefferson to articulate the revolutionary spirit that, sweeping across the emerging nation, inspired the colonists to battle for independence.Thomas Paine discusses the American spirit in his "The Crisis, Number 1". In this piece, Paine specifically states that the era of the revolution tests men's resolve and is a time that "tries mens' souls…but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." Through his writing, Pain tries to persuade Americans to join the struggle against Britain. He understands their common desire for freedom and that it coexists with their concern of defeat. However, he argues, if they "show" their "faith by their works…God may bless" and protect them. Another approach used notably during the eighteenth century was spiritual petition. The colonists did not yet have a strong central government to unify them and the deep-seated fear was that if independence was won, chaos would break loose. Yet, if their Creator supported separation from England, He would prevent such chaos and ensure the security of the free nation.Phillis Wheatley...

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