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Time is the one gift that you cannot get back from someone, for once it is given it is gone, and cannot be returned. This is why I believe that the time I have to give others is the greatest gift I have to offer. There are rare moments when I do not dedicate my time to someone else, for in order to build a healthy person, I must build an intentional relationship with him or her. Time is also the only gift that I can always offer someone, for it is a priceless gift and something all people appreciate. It is my goal to dedicate my life to spending time with students and building them up to be the leaders of this world that they intend to be. Through experience, mentoring, and rigorous study of student development, I have dedicated my time to working with students in Student Affairs and intend to make this a career choice in the future.
I remember my first experience in Student Development and how much I loved learning about the impact Residence Life staff had on students living on campus. I served as president of the Hall Council my first year, and often spent my leisure time in my residence hall to plan events to enhance the community of my residence hall. Working in the building inspired me to continue to impact the lives in my building, and I was privileged to serve as a resident assistant the following year. As a resident assistant, I learned of the impact that giving your time to others meant. The more time I spent in my hall with my residents, the greater impact I had in my hall. The ladies in my hall knew that my door was always open to them and I was available to spend time with them no matter the hour of day. This time was seen through hearing their concerns from home or their courses, to watching a movie with them. Many of my colleagues that I served on staff with were not as highly engaged in spending time with students, as they took the position to save money on the rates for housing or to enhance their resume. However, I enjoyed engaging with the students on a daily basis, despite how much I was paid or to hold the title as RA. Through this experience I first decided that a job in Residence Life would be a position I would love to hold.
I enjoyed serving college aged students so greatly that I worked with a summer program as a peer counselor for incoming college freshman who needed additional time, helping them to enhance their academic or social needs prior to commencement at the university level. I spent a month of my summer with these students, and continue to serve as a peer counselor to four of the thirty students who went through the program. This semester I also spend my time with students on the autism spectrum, where I spend roughly six hours a week with these students through the college success program to alleviate the stress that is found in a college environment with students on the autism spectrum. When I am not working as a peer counselor, I can often be found working with the Student Government Association. I serve...

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