Behind Enemy Lines Essay

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Sprawled out in front of the the usual duo of the detective and the doctor plus Emma was a large stone building. There didn't appear to be any lights from within. The entire place looked devoid of people, like it had just been forgotten about.
"Why are we here?" Emma complained. "I thought we were going to where my father used to work."
"You said your father was a bookbinder," John stated. "Right?"
"Well, yes," Emma said, giving a shrug. She wasn't quite sure where this was going.
"Did you ever, you know, see him binding books?"
"Do you think I cared?" Emma laughed, wondering why this was even a legitimate question. "No, I never saw him doing it."
"Well," John began, "this is the address ...view middle of the document...

"We're just going to walk into this abandoned building that apparently has people inside? Aren't we supposed to be finding the people who killed my father? Isn't that dangerous?"
"That's why we're bringing guns along," John replied. "Here, take this."
He produced a handgun from the inner pockets of his jacket and handed it to Emma. She stared at it perplexed, trying to figure out what had just happened. Everything was moving so quickly and no one else seemed to be bothered about it.
"Don't you need one?" she asked.
"That one is a backup," he replied. "You always need to have a backup plan just in case."
"Teach me how to use it," she demanded, turning the gun around in her hands.
"Of course," John replied. "I wouldn't let you have it if I wasn't going to teach you."
"Oh, I see," Emma laughed. She had been seriously concerned that she had just been handed the gun so it would look like she had a way to defend herself, but it would be nothing more than a bluff. It might work for a few seconds, but then she knew she would end up finding herself in mortal danger. If she were to tell the truth, she didn't think she could deal with such a thing.
"John, what are you doing?" Sherlock yelled. He had already made it to the front doors of the building. As he had just assumed that the two of them would be following right behind him, he hadn't bothered to turn around and check. Of course, this ended up not being the case at all.
"I'm teaching her how to use a gun, Sherlock," John yelled back. "We can't have her getting hurt during this."
"We don't have time for this!" Sherlock complained.
"It's my case, so I say we have time for it!" Emma called out. She wasn't quite as interested in learning how to fire the weapon as much as to have an excuse for John's arms to be around her, but she did understand just how important this could end up being.
"Fine, then!" Sherlock yelled back. "Just remember that we have a job to do!"
"Use both your hands," John explained. "You've never fired a gun before, so you want to have a firm grip on it. Your dominant hand goes higher up, it's going to be the one to pull the trigger."
By putting his hands on top of hers, he was able to move her hands around to be in the correct position.
He continued to explain it all to her, up until her finger was poised and ready to shoot. As she pushed back the trigger all the way, she gave a small flinch. Thinking that the gun was about to shoot, she started reacting in advance in her anticipation. In reality, nothing happened except for her movement. John put a hand on each of her shoulders to keep her steady.
"That's how you would fire it, if you had it loaded. Right now there's nothing in it, but as soon as you put in the magazine you'll have bullets in it. That means you'll have to be careful. They build in a safety feature so that you don't accidentally set it off."
"How does that work?" Emma asked. "Like, if I'm going to actually fire the gun because someone is coming after me, how...

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