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Being a creative is a business. How do you sell yourself to the modern world? Present your findings, plans and discuss. Use the lecture seriesThe word creative refers to refers to the invention or origination of any new thing, this could be someone talented in script writing or digital painting for example. In the UK 1.5 million people are employed in the creative industry or creative roles in other industries. Many graduates are resulting in creating their own businesses an article from the guardian advice to "make a job rather than taking a job" as this can be an advantage in the time of recession. work. As a creative I understand the complexity and struggle that one has to go through to sale your service or product or to gain investments . In this essay I will look into how the advancement of technology and other tools is now making it easier for creative's to promote and showcase themselves to the world. I will also looks into the negatives of a creative using social networks as a medium to promote themselves , one example is mixing pleasure with work an employer may see a tweet that you tweeted to a friend, they may see this as being very unprofessional, this could be a loss in a potential contact or an investment.An article from the USA magazine Forbes wrote a n article titled "hr by twitter" says that using twitter is a good tool to find workers as it is quick and efficient but the downside, is that it is still not a substitute for face to face communication. According to the magazine its say utilizing social networks could reduce workplace diversity. Although social networks may have its downsides for the creative's this differs. for example you can easily share your blog or digital portfolio on twitter and facebook equally your friends can also "reshare" secondly linked in a directory and a site good especially for collaboration as well as employers looking for employees is another great tool when promoting your business. An employer can go on linked in and search for a specific candidate for example they may be looking for a graphic designer; on the graphic designer profile would be their website and contact details. Facebook is also a tool in helping to sell you skills in the modern world, firstly because you can create many pages that people can like to show their support and as said before it the idea of people resharing your work so friends of friends would know about your work and so on and so forth. Lastly "ideas tap" a website which is only for people on the creative industry is a website were creative's can create their own individual profiles, equally but their portfolios on the site. On the website there are many competition that can be entered, whether you a filmmaker or a photographer there a competition to suit you. Entering competition is another way of promoting a business and your skills.Exhibitions is another tool when selling yourself to the modern world. The Taylor Wessing prize a competition that showcase the work of...

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600 words - 2 pages which hinder our creative process such as: fear of criticism, lack of confidence and the main fear is the belief that one is not creative. When an obstacle is eliminated our creativity level will rise. Additionally, education also can be a determining factor in what creativity level one is performing at. Education tends to broaden one's view of the world by being exposed to information and ideas that may not be conventional.It helps to think of

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608 words - 3 pages . Naturally creative people have ideas all the time and like to share those ideas. Moreover, they appreciate the recognition that is showered upon a good idea. Having their ideas ignored, criticised and being told to focus on the tried and tested rather than finding new approaches will only disillusion the creative thinker and cause stress. Organisational creativity, on the other hand, is the creative capability of an entire organisation. One method of

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601 words - 3 pages Reference Essay Student: Class: E6G Topic 2: Businesses need to invest in creative thinking if they want to be successful. The globalization process which is increasing throughout the last decades is a clear example of the exponential improvement in interdependence among nations. By means of this process the number os companies being opened has increased, while some of the existing became international. Due to this wide number and because of

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1377 words - 6 pages clients at one period of time, they have a lot of time to devote to themselves or their family. Being a creative director requires very specialized skills (Snagajob). It requires, above all, a very creative and innovative perspective on things. They must be able to think outside the box (Snagajob). They also must be very personable. They need charisma, a confident demeanor, and a firm handshake to put their clients at ease and to promote friendly

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904 words - 4 pages Dahlén (2008) illustrates creative people as being distinguished by five paradoxes. These paradoxes states that: creative people are characterized by a large measure of conventionality and rebelliousness; creative people make extensive use of both divergent and convergent thinking; creative people are characterized by the fact that they have both abundant energy and a great need for relaxation; creative people is the combination of humility and

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1106 words - 4 pages a product that changes an existing domain or that transforms an existing domain into a new one. The creative person is someone whose thoughts or actions change a domain or establish a new domain. It is important to remember, however, that a domain cannot be changed without being completely understood and consent of the field is also required and they are responsible for it.As far as domain is concerned, the renaissance was made possible in part

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2201 words - 9 pages creativity. Plato believed that ‘a poet in the throes of creation is mad.’ He believed that the insanity of a poet was a result of being possessed by the Muses, “a divine madness” (genius and madness). In recent studies, there is interest in madness being the potential basis for creativity. Kraepelin in his 1921 hypothesis thought that mania brought about changes in a person that increased their creative thinking (genius and madness). There

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1917 words - 8 pages company that is lively, easier with the reliability of changes, has the commitment of an energized workforce and a greater chance of being successful.The Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Model is based upon generating many different ideas through brainstorming and deferred judgment; thus breaking habitual ways of thinking. Also, the ability to critically evaluate and assess the worth of ideas is important for selecting the most useful

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1622 words - 6 pages phototaxis. Critical thinking was generated from the mandated process of making my experiment logical being able to reach conclusive knowledge about cockroaches and their experience with light. Creative thinking generated knowledge from considering different possibilities via my visionary processes. One cannot critically think of what is undiscovered if creative thinking is not involved because it leads to suspended judgement. Suspended judgement is

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