Beliefs And Practices In The Christian Religion

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Research Essay Outline - Beliefs and Practices in the Christian Religion Christianity owes much of itself to the ideas of the Jewish faith. The Christian faith grew among the religion of the ancient Jews, and shared many of its beliefs and practices. Common themes, such as a belief in one God, a belief that God created humankind in his own image, and the idea that God would one day send a Messiah to Earth as his representative, are deeply rooted in both religions. Yet fundamental differences also exist between these faiths. In fact, the coming of Jesus the Messiah marks one of these greatest differences. "For Christians, the death and resurrection of Christ Began a new covenant, or agreement, between God and humankind, where salvation was possible through Christian love." Christianity, the radically different idea born out of the Jewish faith nearly 2000 years ago, has itself seen change and fragmentation. Modern Christianity has also seen its own division of thought. There are nearly 2 billion Christians in the world, belonging to three broad groupings - Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant - differing on points of doctrine and ritual. Further inspection of these faiths reveals additional differences in religious interpretation. From its early days, born from Judaism as a separate thread of religious thought, to its modern collection of various religious interpretations, Christianity is a faith of variety. The purpose of this discussion is to outline many of the core beliefs in the Christian faith, and to address their various interpretations. While some believers observe strict adherence to the wording of the bible, others have taken the liberty of broader interpretation of the meanings behind the words. Differences of opinion are wide and varied, and have changed continuously throughout time. Let us begin our discussion of these changes from the beginning - the concept of creation. What does the Christian faith say about creation - or the idea of the world's creation in six days - or the "The Fall" of Adam and Eve? First, we will discuss the Christian view about God's creation, the Earth, and human beings. Christians believe that God created the world and human beings in the image of himself to be the caretaker of all the living things that on Earth. Traditional Christian belief, in fact, follows the doctrine that God created all from nothing, and that there is a design and purpose to the Universe that we do not understand. Theodore Ludwig raises this point in his publication, "The Sacred Paths of the West". In it, he states: The Christian view of creation is succinctly summed up by Paul when he writes, "From him [God] and through him and to him are all things; to him be glory forever" Today's modern scientific world, has presented enormous change and challenges to traditional Christian thought. Simple words from the Bible, once taken as literal truths came into question. Words and extraordinary stories from...

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