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Bias Article
News articles may portray information that is not true to make it sound more interesting. The writer usually has an opinion or perspective that he/she want to advance and get across to their readers, but wants to make that opinion and perspective sound like it's a fact. This is a way to increase the audience for an article. It also may be ways for the writer to get out rumours and gossip. There is an important distinction between fact and opinion, and the news should be giving us the truth and not lies. This is why it is highly important to not just rely on what an article states and to be open minded and read others.
The first kind of bias that I found was, bias ...view middle of the document...

These days, when bad things happen, it is often blamed on Islamic terrorism. But most bad events are not due to Islamic terrorism. By blaming the plane going missing on Islam, the headline may make people who already have a negative opinion of Islam think worse about it. Article b had an unbiased title, which was "Rescue Plane Scours Sea for Traces of the Missing Malaysian Jet. The title just, mentions how they are still looking for the plane. This is an accurate picture of what is happening right now.
Thirdly I found another bias called bias by photos, caption, and camera angles. This is when the article has a picture that just informs us about one person's point of view. In this article specifically, a caption in the corner, has a news channel asking to save the Christians. The article also says that many are facing death in Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria. The caption and the Christian deaths that the author talks about have nothing to do with the missing plane. This shows bias because the article tries to blame the missing plane on Islam and the countries mentioned are all Muslim countries.
Fourth of all, I found bias through use of names and titles. This happens, when the article refers to someone as a terrorist. Terrorist is a strong word and should be used carefully. In this article Islam was referred to a lot as being a religion with many terrorists because of past events. In the article it mentioned that the missing plane seemed to be the work of Al-Qaeda because of the similar tactics used. Just because a small group carried out an attack does not mean that Islam and Muslims should be seen as terrorists. Every country or religion has bad and good people. Terrorists are not just Muslims. And some people may see a terrorists as a freedom fighter. So using the word terrorists in the article without more facts is a bad idea. Article b didn't point out anyone specific for the cause of the plane missing, even though they did say the ways it could have gone missing.
The fifth kind of bias I found was word choice and tone, which is when the author says something to make...

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