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Humans are incredibly fragile compared to other creatures in a variety of different circumstances. One situation that has plagued man kind since the beginning is the difficulty to stay warm during cold climates which has brought out many inventions in order to keep our body temperature from dropping to low. However whenever one thinks of an animal that can survive the cold freezing temperatures, they usually imagine a large heavily coated creature which is built to withstand low temperatures. Although this is true for many cases, I am here to elaborate on an animal far smaller than almost all creatures, the wood frog (Rana sylvaticaI). This creature is classified in the phylum of Chordata, class Amphibian. It is in the order Anura and the genus of Lithobates. The reason why this creature is an extreme example of adaption is because it is one of the few vertebrates that can survive freezing cold temperatures by freezing itself during the winter for prolonged periods of time
Wood frogs are a cold blooded vertebrate which tend to live in a variety of areas such as moist woodlands, muddy wetlands and hard-wood swamps. During the summer time they tend to move far from water sites. However during the mating season they tend to move toward water locations such as ponds or streams. They tend to mate during the months of March and April where once the mating is complete, they stay for a few more days then promptly return back to their non-mating environment. Their main sources of food are a variety of different insects such as beetles and flies as well as snails, slugs or worms. They are also prey to a vast amount of birds and snakes. Their main defense mechanism in their skin color which can be seen by most predators as well as their mucus covered skin which allows them to escape the grip of predators. Geographically they are widely distributed over many locations, ranging from northern Georgia, Alaska, Idaho, and Tennessee all the way...

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