Bus Stop: Play Review

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Todd Siegel 11/15/01 English IIAA Mrs. Noble Bus Stop Review In a small town outside of Kansas City in the 1950s, lies a small, street-corner restaurant called Grace's Diner. The owner of the restaurant, Grace Hoyland (), and a waitress, Elma Duckworth (), start us off with a simple discussion covering each others love life. Grace soon takes off for most of the play once the bus driver Carl () arrives. Carl wants to spend time "getting ...view middle of the document...

Sheriff Will Masters () is also in and out of the diner, making sure nobody causes trouble. Former college professor Dr. Lyman () is a strange yet extremely entertaining man who is always looking for a chance to spike his drink. In my opinion, I think he was the best actor on stage. The way he could recite Shakespeare and stagger around when he was drunk made a very unique addition to the production. The main plot revolved around three people: Cherie (), a blond chanteuse (that's French for singer), Bo (), a young, hotheaded cowboy, and Virgil Blessing (), a wise ranch hand and Bo's longtime buddy. The play really gets going when Cherie runs in the dinner trying to get away from Bo after he allegedly kidnapped her from the Blue Dragon nightclub, where she sings. Bo apparently wants to take Cherie to his Montana ranch and make her his wife. Bo busts in yelling about anything and everything while Virgil seems to pick the mess he leaves behind. Bo gets in a couple of fights with the sheriff but in the end, Will Masters straightens him out. The three interacted extremely well and _ had the most perfect accent down for her part, great job everyone!

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