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Causes Of The War For American Independence Includes Immediate And Underlying Causes.

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The cause of the War for American Independence was not simply one event. War resulted from a combination of happenings that built up a rebellious spirit inside the colonists. To be brief, the overall cause of the War for American independence was the fact that the British constantly enforced upon the colonists that which they did not want, such as taxes and regulation. As time went on, the fact that the colonies were thousands of miles away from England cause each respective society to evolve very differently. This created a rift between the colonies and Britain, eventually leading to the Revolutionary War.The vast increase in population between 1750 and 1755, to the tune of 1.5 million new colonists, was a contributing cause of the war. Many of these newcomers came from non-British origins. Therefore, they had no loyalty to the Crown. Many of the Scots-Irish who came to the colonies had settled past the Appalachian Mountains and came to resent the British even more as they tried to stop the Scots-Irish's expansion.While there were many civil and political disagreements within the colonies, colonists soon began to feel a sense of unity and uniqueness. Bonded by war and by their resentment of the Crown, they knew that they were Americans, not British. They felt a definite sense that they were different from the people of England.The Navigation Acts, passed during the 1650's, regulated the trade of the colonies. These acts ensured that business between the colonies was carried on by British merchants and ships rather than the Dutch or any other party not affiliated with the Crown. While the colonies did tolerate these acts, this was largely due to the fact that the acts were not enforced too competently. After the transfer of power of the Glorious Revolution, the Crown began to allow the colonies much more economic freedom, but only because they had better things to do than regulate the colonies. This period was called the "salutary neglect."The French and Indian War, or more specifically the after effects of the war, was a major contributor to the eventual rebellion of the colonists. After the war ended and the Treaty of Paris was signed, most of the British forces in America left. The departure of the British army caused the wartime economy, booming from the constant need to provide soldiers with essential goods, to virtually collapse. In addition, Britain was also in enormous debt from the war. They needed to find a way to make back their money money.The British government found their way to increase revenues: the colonies. By ending the salutary neglect and strongly enforcing the Navigation Acts as well as creating several new taxation acts, the Crown hoped to increase its revenues as much as possible. Parliament passed the Currency Act, which disallowed the colonies to produce their own paper currency. Parliament also passed the Sugar Act, which was a tax on imported molasses. The Currency Act hurt merchants, while the Sugar Act put the...

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