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Cesar Chavez A American Hero Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to talk about Cesar E. Chavez's life and how he had a positive effect on Mexican American labor workers. Cesar E. Chavez was the great defender for Mexican Americans and a hero for many American workers. He is famous for organizing workers to get better pay and decent treatment in the farms of California. Chavez founded the United Farm Workers also know as the UFW. His work eventually improved the lives of millions of migrant farm workers and minorities. He will be remembered as a hero for Mexican Americans.1 The Chavez family was from Chihuahua, Mexico. The family moved to the United States in the 1880's at the time of the Mexican Revolution. Cesario Chavez had several sons and a total of fifteen children. One of the children was named Librado. Who was the father of Cesar Chavez. Librado married Juanita Estrada who was also from Chihuahua, Mexico. The Chavez family was a very poor family that had a total of six children. Cesar Estrada Chavez was born on March 31,1927 in the California/Arizona desert town of Yuma. Cesar was the oldest boy and the second oldest child.2 The Chavez family had a farm, and owned 160 acres of land in the Gila River Valley Located about twenty miles outside of Yuma, Arizona. But when the Chavez family did not have enough money to pay their taxes or the water bill for their farm in 1937 the Chavez lost their land and most of their belongings.3 This was around the time period the United States And the rest of the world were in the midst of a Great Depression. Cesar was only ten years old at the time. When they lost the farm, the Chavez family joined thousands of other poor American families of the 1930's in becoming migrant farm workers. The Chavez family began to follow the crops in California, just like the Joad family did in the John Stienbeck's classic American novel, The Grape of Wrath. Migrant farm workers travel around other farms and pick whatever crops are in season. That migrant farm workers had no permanent homes. They often had to camp out as they traveled up and down the length of California.4 The Chavez family lived in squalid conditions, overcrowded and without electricity or water. Many migrant farm workers were from Mexico, or had Mexican ancestors like the Chavez family. Young Cesar, just ten year old when the family began to travel, was constantly changing schools. Later, when he was an adult, he estimated that he changed elementary schools an astonishing 65 time! He remember being beaten with a ruler if he was caught speaking Spanish in...

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