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Changing The World With The Internet

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Through the passage of time, information has been the most precious tool available to mankind. Over the past few decades, the internet has drastically changed the face of the planet. It has provided us with a new more efficient ways to obtain information. It allows instant access to libraries full of information and hundreds of pages of differing opinions of current events. Additionally, it has drastically changed the way the market works. However, there are some risks we face when dealing with the internet.
One of the biggest changes brought about through the invention of the internet is a nearly instantaneous access to information. In its most basic sense, everything done on the internet ...view middle of the document...

This will lead you to a surplus of websites that most likely contain the information for which you were searching. The internet has caused information to become freely available for those who seek it and also provides us with an opportunity to share information with others.
Information is only the beginning of what people have begun to share via internet. The creation of “blogs”, online diaries or journals, allows people to write down their day to day adventures and feelings on current events or whatever else may be on their mind on a particular day. This allows anyone to freely and publicly share their ideas without having to go through a large news source such as magazines or television. The only downside to this phenomenon is when people start bringing in personal issues. When people wrote, by hand, in diaries their words were meant for their eyes only or the eyes of a few trusted people. On the internet, no matter how secure it may be, if someone wants to read what you have written, it will be possible. This means your personal feelings are no longer for your eyes only and could cause some serious strain in your life. So while the internet allows us to share our ideas freely, it comes at a price. The privacy of some of our deepest thoughts is threatened.
In addition to the great wealth of information, factual and personal, available on the internet, we can now order almost anything we need from the comfort of our own homes. Much of our economy now resides on the internet. Before the internet, malls and garage sales were the places you could find whatever you may need. With our...

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