Characters Affected By Political And Historical Landscapes

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In the novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, there are various situations where both political and historical landscapes affect the characters’ lives. The invasion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan changed the lives of Baba and Amir, as they were obligated to flee the country and settle in America. Living in America was very hard for Baba as almost everyone did not know the reputation he built up in Kabul. It was easy for Amir to adapt as it was a new country where no one would remind him of his past. The Taliban overtake in Afghanistan changed the lives of people living there, such as Hassan and his family, and Assef. The Taliban killed many Hazaras and used their children for labour ...view middle of the document...

(Hosseini, 39).
The Soviet Union killed many people in Afghanistan to portray their strength. The way of civilians lived ended when the invasion occurred. New born and young children are exposed to gunfire, violence and rubble. They never saw true peace in the country; to go outside and play. Many people fled the country because they did not want to suffer from all the damage the Soviets were causing. Baba and Amir’s whole life changed as they moved to America. After moving to Fremont, Amir and Baba’s bond between father and son strengthened. Although, Amir did not meet Baba’s needs, he obtained Baba’s affection his own way by having characteristics of a responsible man. “Slowly adapting in the United States, Amir and Baba finally establish their new way of life. … Baba is diagnosed with cancer, therefore Amir’s fear of not being loved by his father changes into a threat of losing him forever.” (Janecova, 2011). As Amir grew up, he realized that Baba always loved him, but could not express it because Amir was not a physical person like Baba was. Amir was trying to get Baba’s affection but when Baba was diagnosed with cancer, he changed from getting Baba’s affection into giving his affection to Baba. Growing up to be an adult in America changed Amir’s personality is various ways. He wanted to forget the past and start fresh in America. He became more like Baba, in the moral sense as he became more responsible throughout his life. “For me, America was a place to bury my memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his.” (Hosseini, 136). In America, Amir was not the self-centered, jealous boy he was in Kabul. Amir’s personality changed as he takes care of his father through rough times. He started to bear a huge responsibility of making decisions for himself without Baba advising him. Also, Amir met a woman, Soraya, who understood his pain and helped him throughout his redemption. The Soviet invasion caused Baba and Amir to flee the country and settle in the United States; changing their lives and personalities whilst adapting to the new conditions.
Furthermore, the Soviets were not the only who inflicted damage to the country, the Taliban caused the damage. When the Taliban formed, they created a lot of tension in Afghanistan. The Taliban murdered many Hazaras, calling them the scum of Afghanistan and the Muslim religion. They destroyed the country into rubble using explosives and heavy armory. Hassan and his wife, Farzana, were affected by the Taliban because they were Hazaras living on a Pashtun property. They were asked to live in the main house by Rahim Khan but decided to stay in the small shack outside.
A pair of Talib officials came to investigate and interrogated Hassan. They accused him of lying when Hassan told them he was living with me, even though many of the neighbours, including the one who called me, supported Hassan’s story. … ordered him to get his family out of the house by sundown. Hassan protested. … So they took him to the street...

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