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Chinese Government Essay

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China is a communist state. Communism is defined as: A scheme of equalizing the social conditions of life; specifically, a scheme which contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property, as by distributing all wealth equally to all, or by holding all wealth in common for the equal use and advantage of all. The President of China is Jiang Zemin; the Vice-President is Hu Jintao; the Premier, State Council is Zhu Rongji; the Vice Premiers, State Councils are Li Lanquig, Qian Qichen, Wen Jiabao, and Wu Bangguo; the Head of Legislation is Li Peng. China has two branches to its government; the Executive branch and the Legislative branch. The Legislative branch holds the National People's Congress. It is the most powerful house in the entire government. The three thousand members are elected by provincial governments for five-year terms. They meet twice a year for two weeks to review new policies, laws, the budget, and changes amid high government officials. The changes made from the yearly gatherings are carried out by a Standing Committee, which has about 150 members. The Executive branch's predominant house is the State Council, which is similar to some other countries cabinets. Members include China's premier, five vice premiers, and the leaders of ministries and other government bureaus. Even though the Communist Party isn't technically part of the Chinese government, it is very prevalent in basically every aspect of their lives. The highest authority in the Chinese Communist Party is the National Party Congress. It meets at least once every five years. It basically approves the higher Party leaders decisions. The 1,500 members make sure that local governments and organizations carry out the new policies. Within...

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