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Lately there has been a great deal of angst surrounding Ontario's educational system, not to mention upheaval within it. Teachers, now so unappreciated, are departing from the field quickly. Parents suffer frustration and worry, and the government claims no fault and brushes off those who care, or wish to debate the changes frankly. Even the curriculum must be sewn together again. All of the involved parties tremble with concern as the cameras roll, while professing that they are doing it all for the students. Perhaps it is this drama which interests me. I did not attend a public educational institution until the ninth grade, before this I was home- schooled. Basically, I had a wonderful childhood, free of tests and deadlines, bullies and hotdog days. When I finally did go to school, I found that it was much more easy than I thought it would be. When I listen to the changes that are being made in education, and when I look at many of my peers, I see that the government, teachers, and parents are wandering yet more far afield. Home- schooling gave and taught me many things which educational rule-makers might do well do consider before simply allotting a new exam. Creativity is not simply about painting or writing, testing is questionable, and reading is key. Creativity is not merely meant to be an exercise in writing or painting, it can offer much more. Giving children, especially young ones, time and encouragement to be creative will help to expand their imaginations, which will feed both themselves and society. For example, creative writing may teach a child to enjoy writing, which will both enhance skills like spelling and grammar, and provide a fun activity. When I have an opportunity to write creatively in school I invest myself in that assignment more so than with any other type, this adds to both my academic life and my inner one. Creativity is not a fine parallel line running alongside the more important pursuits of our society, but rather it affects societal organization and development directly. A lawyer must be creative to form a winning defense, and a businessman must be creative in order to conquer the competition. An architect must be creative to make a building conform to terrain, price, and aesthetics. Would the Air Canada Centre, or the Toronto Dominion Bank building have been constructed without creativity? I think not. If the government plans to devalue creativity than they will create a failing batch of professionals, and a flimsy base for our society. For this reason it is important to encourage children to make and do things which require creativity and ingenuity.This will give them a better start than busywork ever could. Even though testing creativeness can be difficult, that does not mean that creativity is not a worthwhile academic pursuit. I have a great dislike for the standardized testing which is being implemented by Ontario's Ministry of Education. As a home-schooled child I never passed...

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