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This classroom will inspire a lifelong love of learning, cultural appreciation and environmental sensitivity. Where students will learn responsibility, how t cooperatively interact with each other and their community as well as the freedom to learn creatively. Our days together will be focused on honesty, respect, kindness, gentleness, cooperation, thoughtful resolution, positive reinforcement, awareness of differences and tolerance to encourage and motivate students to strive for their full potential.


Rule 1: Be considerate and kind to my fellow classmates, instructors and visitors.

Rule 2: Respect the opinions and learning styles of your fellow classmates.

Rule 3: Come to class with an open mind and ready to learn.

Rule 4: Be wining to ask your classmates and instructors for help when you need it.


Procedure 1: Helping the Classroom Run Smoothly

If someone needs help with directions or ...view middle of the document...

g. small amount gift cards from lTunes, Dunkin Donuts,or Barnes and Noble
Note/Email home
• Snack at the desk
• Ticket for a drawing at the end of the semester for a larger item

• Field Trip for a movie, museum, etc.
• Certificate of recognition


Level 1: Speak quietly to the student redirecting behaviors

Level 2: Ask the student to stay after class for a one-to-one discussion about the issues to determine the root causes of the issues.

Level 3: Schedule a meeting with the students, teacher, and guidance counselor to create a plan to help resolve the troubles.

Level 4: Meet with the parents or guardians to create a plan to resolve the issues


1: Remove student in crisis from the classroom. Leave aide/2nd teacher in charge
2: Talk with student to help de-escalate situation and help the student regain composure

3: Create a plan with the student to help student if he or she begins to escalate again. Card on the desk, phrase,keyword that the student can use to help notify teachers that the student is having a difficult time.

4: Notify guidance team and parents of incidents to help make sure everyone understands the issues and create positive solutions for the student.

Develop classroom rules, procedures, consequences, and crisis plan • Make a list of rules
• Create procdures for: daily schedule, homework assgnments, end of the day chores, morning meeting, working together in groups, presentations Befure school starts, August
Post classrooms rules and procedures • Decorate room with procedures
• Create bulletin board showcases learning styles Befure school starts, Augusts
Create handouts • Develop brochure for students and parents with expectations, rules, and procedues Prior to school starts, Auguts
Share information • Share developed information with students
• Share information with collegues including other teachers, aides', principals and relevant school staff schoolbegms,ear
Host parent information night • Host an open house to share information with parents school starts, ear
Review information and make changes, if necessary • Review how rules and procedures are working with students, faculty and parents
• Make changes to accomdate rules and procedures that are not working Mid school year, January

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