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The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has recently been under fire by many teachers and parents for its content. For the past three years it has been on an annual list of most challenged books according to ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom. It is also the most loved and money grossing book of our time. The history of publication for the Harry Potter series is a rags-to-riches story. At times Rowling was living on public assistance while training for a full teaching certificate. Rowling was a single mother when she began to write the first book in her brother's coffee shop. ...view middle of the document...

Others say it teaches the satanic occult. Most of the complaints have come from teachers, parents, librarians, but mostly from Christians. Christians are concerned with her arousal of the black arts. Michael O'Brien, a Christian fantasist, says that this indirect seduction (as used in Harry Potter) is the most destructive form of paganism compared to a direct assault on faith. This guise will do the greatest damage over the long haul. Catholics also agree that Harry Potter is dangerous. There have been so many complaints that in certain states the books have been removed from classrooms and libraries. South Carolina and New York are just a few states where parents have called for their removal because they feel the books promote the occult. Although the books promote imagination there are many other books that deal with more pressing issues. Catcher in the Rye uses foul language and Huckleberry Finn dances around racism. On the other end of the spectrum people believe the books teach good morals. Most people feel its provokes your imagination, teaches courage, and to reach your potential. It is obvious to see how the books are loved because of the overwhelming number of copies being sold. Children not only love Harry Potter but adults enjoy the stories as well. It seems like only a few people have a problem with the issues the book brings about compared to the millions that love it.

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