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Conversation Paper 2

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The result for species richness shows an effectiveness on 83,49%, for endemism it is 82,86% as for complementary species richness it is 87,70% (near-maximum-coverage set). These results are only valid when 13 areas are selected. A near minimum set analysis is performed, to find the minimum number of areas needed to represent each species at least once; the result shows 59 areas are needed and it will give a species richness of 100%. With the new number of areas (59) it is calculated how many species that are represented based on species richness and “endemism”. It shows a representation of species on 93,27% for species richness and 95,37% for “endemism”. Species richness prioritizes the ...view middle of the document...

When comparing the results from the areas suggested as national parks, split into 13 quadrants, with the ones in exercise 1, we see that the proposed areas only cover 73,50% while the complementary model for 13 quadrants covers 87,70%. Furthermore by looking at table 5 and 6 it can be seen that there is no big difference between the results, even though the results in table 6 comes from randomly chosen quadrants. It points toward that the areas chosen are as good as randomly picked ones. The result from table 5 shows that 73,50% of the targeted species are within the areas suggested as national parks, the randomly chosen areas without the use of biological data gives us 72,12% which is close to the first mentioned. The areas suggested as national parks should be better that the randomly chosen areas, but the results tells something different, thus if the aim is to represent as many species as possible, for conservation of biodiversity, the areas are not ideal. When the areas are not ideal other areas should be taken into consideration through further analysis. National parks are however fairly effective for conservation of biodiversity.

The fairness of such an analysis can be discussed as it is not only biodiversity that plays a part when establishing national parks, accessibility when the national parks are thought of as recreational areas, funding and the use of the land also play a role. As such areas might be ideal when it comes to the use of the land and how undisturbed the areas are. Since the five areas consist of larger coherent areas corridors between them might be possible, this might in turn increase the biodiversity in each of the national parks, another way would be to increase the areas, but this is where the use of the land gets problematic as a very large part of Denmark is used for agricultural production. The national parks are based on 951 different species, but that is only a fragment of the approximately 30.000 species that exist in Denmark. The species that have been used are they indicator species and how effective are they as indicator species? As such there is a lack of data when it comes to the suggested areas and as such it cannot be said that the analysis is fair, a much larger data set would make the analysis more creditable and as such it would be statistically more trustworthy.

Based on the results in table 8, there is only a minimal difference between the protected areas and the randomly selected areas with 90.43% of the species are represented in the protected areas and 92,95% in the randomly selected areas. This is not good as the randomly selected areas are unexpectedly better off, showing the same tendency as in exercise 2. 90,43% richness...

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