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Corruption Behind That Of A Democratic Government

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Today's national economics demonstrates a corrupt side of the politics we know today. Corrupt political positions in government continue to influence the decisions that the citizens make to this day. The basic definition of democracy is, “The government should be accountable to its constituents, that people are able to correctly evaluate their government’s performance, and that they reward or punish their representatives for their performances”( Eunjung, Jongseok, 2010). Ultimately, political leaders charged with corruption are expected to lose elections. Being charged with corruption is using your power as a political leader for illegitimate private gain. Why do opposition candidates fail ...view middle of the document...

A democratic regime is expected to carry on what O’Donnell (1999) calls ‘vertical accountability’, which means that citizens should be able to make their leaders accountable for their political decisions and policy outputs, punishing them for their political wrongdoings” ( Eunjung, Jongseok, 2010 ). A democratic government is made for the people and is supposed to be controlled by the people, yet these democratic governments around the world continue to be influenced by corruption or economic power. But according to the definition of a democratic government, these corrupt leaders should lose popular support and consequently lose the rest of their elections. However, as seen in illustration 1, these corrupt leaders aren’t only able to remain in power, but also gain more popularity in the returning elections. Choi and Woo gathered cases all around the world showing the corruption of countries with corruption shown in Illustration 1, “Out of 84 countries with corruption perception of 6 or higher, 56 cases gained more parliamentary seats” ( Eunjung, Jongseok, 2010). Even though these corrupt leaders continue to have great success and even sometimes having a higher popularity the next election, citizens of these countries continue to shun support for the government. Even though they oppose the leadership of the corrupt leader, this doesn’t necessarily strengthens the others parties or leaders into winning elections as the people engage in 'non-voting'. Due to this non-voting, countries or societies with a higher level of corruption suffer from the lower turnouts than in the less corrupt societies.
Corruption is a huge factor in many governments today and plays a major role in the citizens vote to continue to support the corrupt government. There are plenty of factors that go into why corruption never leaves the country and why corruption in government continues to spread to this day. “Voters may continue to support the corrupt regime when they do not have clear alternatives because they perceive that not only the incumbent but also the opposition is corrupt. This is particularly true when corruption is widespread in a society. If corruption induces non-voting, the incumbent party should lose at least a number of seats in elections – if not the ruling status itself. However, as empirically demonstrated in this article, some corrupt incumbents do not simply lose seats but, on the contrary, win more popular support than they did from the previous elections” ( Eunjung, Jongseok, 2010). Democracy is suppose to be controlled by the people, yet people put themselves in a position that takes that power away from them. To get past the corruption of these political leaders you have to vote and make sure you are educated about what you vote on. Voting by itself does not do anything as long you know what you are voting for and what it will do.
Corruption has...

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