Crime Prediction And Prevention Essay

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When taking on the position as a Police Chief with a team of 150 sworn officers, it would be my duty to ensure the safety of my guys as well as to change order so that the community would have good communication with our department.
One way that we could get our community policing in effect, is to first have other agencies to partner with us in making this agency more community friendly. By partnering with other agencies throughout the community, would enhance our efforts in cracking down in crimes as well as preventing crime. One Government Agency here in the Daytona Beach area would be Volusia County Community Assistance. This is an agency that could possibly assist us in providing the ...view middle of the document...

Crime Stoppers have assisted in capturing many criminals.
PI Investigators can work closely with out department. There are certain situations that a PI can handle and that would be when they would call and rely on the police department. A good PI Investigator that already well with the police department is Rick Raymond located here in Daytona Beach. Rick’s office sometimes receives tips and leads that the police department is not aware of, and this is how Rick could assist us.
The Daytona Beach New Journal, WELSH Channel 2 news, & News 13 are media’s here locally in Daytona Beach that hold a lot of weight pertaining to our community. They are responsible for putting out information in assist in the capture of wanted criminals. Once this information goes viral, the tips began to poor in. Not all are good tips, but all information is better than no information at all. You have more individuals that watch television than read a newspaper. The media is a helps bring in good sources as well.
One way of changing this department and going beyond the traditional police responses to crime is to make our faces known to the public community. When we have the community...

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