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There are many ways to draw the attention of an audience in a short story, essay, or speech. In Twain's short story he shows how man descended from the animal kingdom instead of ascend from animals. His essay influences the reader to feel what Mark Twain is feeling. He portrays his emotions through metaphors and gathers the emotion of the audience. He also uses examples of how much more cruel man can be compared to the animal kingdom. He is very sarcastic in his story and is also a bit comical at times. Mark Twain uses pathos, ethos, and logos in his short story, “The Damned Human Race,” by comparing and contrasting the harsh views of humanity against the actions of animals.
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He explains that unlike cats, Man brings his looseness but leaves the unconsciousness behind, which ultimately excuses the cat but not man; therefore the cat would be considered innocent, but not man. Although in his writing, there is more observation of differing behavior rather than an actual experiment, he ultimately writes in his beliefs of what he observes. In his observations, he comes to the conclusion that man is the cruel animal. He states that man inflicts pain with the pleasure doing so which is not known to higher animals. He uses the example of a cat playing with a frightened mouse. The cat doesn't know that the mouse is suffering and therefore has an excuse. The cat only frightens the mouse but does not hurt it. He makes this comparison to the men that slaughtered the Jewish families and set fire to the tower they were in.
Twain uses logos to prove his reasoning true. He conducts experiments while observing man and wild animals' behavior. One of his first experiments involves some hunters in the Great Plains organizing a buffalo hunt. He describe that this was done for an English Earl to slaughter the buffalos. The party killed 72 of the animals but only ate the meat off of one and left the other 71 to rot. He...

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Critical Evaluation Essay

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