Cyndi Lauper And Miley Cyrus Essay

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In the 80s Cyndi was the wild child, but know Miley has taken on that role.Are they all that different. They have a lot simmer things in common, but they also don't have a lot in common. In examining the lives and causes of Cyndi Lauper and Miley Cyrus, one can see that american culture has changed drastically over time in terms of music, fashion, and manners.
Cyndi Lauper has had an influence on women in the 80s, also showed it’s ok to be your self. In her first number one song she was able to show that girls can just have fun being themselves and without any men. “ Lauper’s success is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice”. (Cyndi Lauper)She never gave up on her dream. Sometimes people would tell her to give up but she would not give up. Kurt loder wrote about her in the rolling stones. “A wild and wonderful skyrocket of a voice lauper's extraordinary pipes connect with the right material, there sults sounds like the beginning of a whole new golden age.” She had a whole new way for music everywhere when she came out. Cyndi is still influencing people today with her music and fashion.
In the world to day Miley has been considered the wild child, because of her new music and look. “ Miley Cyrus is surprising fans and critics alike yet again, but this time it’s not for lewd dancing or barely there clothing”.Sens she cut off her hair and got new outfits she has been shocking to everyone, but when she came out with her new album it reminded everyone how talented she is.“ Her whole new image is teaching teenagers to choose their own path in life, rather than other people choosing” Miley is literally showing teenagers it is ok to just be who you are and not care what others think about you. In the end it only matters what you think about your self. Ever since Miley cut her hair, changed clothes, and dance the way she does it has given teens a better feel about themselves. She has had a big influence on teens in todays world.
Cyndi Lauper fashion in the 1980s was not normal..“By the time she was twelve she was dying her hair garish colors and wearing outrageous makeup and clothes her life”. Even when she was little Cyndi has has a different style than everyone els. “ On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colors”. (Cyndi Lauper quotes) She doesn't want to be or seen sad, so when she is not feeling her best she will wear the brightest colors she has so she will feel happy again. Cyndi has always wanted to be different and have her own style.
Miley style has changed over the past years. “ I have a very specific style of my own and i think it is better to be stylish and trendy”.Miley likes picking out her own stuff to wear.Her style is very different then a lot of people thats why they don't like it...

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